1956 Hungarian Memorial Oral History Project

The 1956 Hungarian Memorial Oral History Project celebrates the history of Hungarian immigrants who arrived in Canada between 1956 and 1958. During the autumn of 1956, shortly following the failed Hungarian Revolution, Canada began welcoming a mass exodus of Hungarian refugees – which resulted in the peaceful resettlement of nearly 40,000 persons. Between 2004-2007, oral testimonies were collected across Canada by second and third generation Hungarian-Canadians. Through the medium of oral testimony, the interviewees tell their personal stories of their involvement in the 1956 Revolution, their reasons for leaving and means of escape, places they lived en route to Canada, and the course of their lives in Canada. They also describe their ongoing relationship to their culture, language and religious practices, and to their communities in both Canada and abroad. This project was supported by the Multicultural History Society of Ontario and Rakoczi Foundation, and project materials are held by the MHSO.