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1956 Hungarian Memorial Oral History Project

Utilizing the practice of history, documentary techniques, and ethnographic research methods, this project explored and documented the epic 1956 Hungarian emigration wave to Canada.  Between 1956 and 1958 a mass exodus of more than 200,000 Hungarians who openly rejected the Soviet occupation of Hungary, occurred. During the autumn of 1956, shortly following the failed Hungarian Revolution, Canada began welcoming the Hungarian refugees, resulting in the peaceful resettlement of nearly 40,000 persons. The history of the 1956 Hungarian emigration wave to Canada is a monumental narrative in both Canadian Immigration History and Canadian Ethnography.  Materials from this project consist of a digital oral history archive, photographs, essays, and a traveling exhibition “The Hungarian Exodus”, which has been shown at the: Budapest Palace of Arts (Hungary), Italian Ministry of Culture (Hungary), National Arts Centre (Canada), Canadian Museum of Civilization (Canada), Pier 21 Museum (Canada), and University of Toronto (Canada). Content from this project is held and supported by the Multicultural History Society of Ontario.